Thursday, March 11, 2010

And the Winner for Longest Title of a Romance Comic Book Story is...

"When a Girl Discovers That She's Number 2,
Does She Try Harder? Or Cry Harder?"

Young Romance #198 (March/April 1974)


  1. I wonder if the letterer got paid by the letter?

    On a serious note, I wonder how many young girls developed self-esteem issues after reading comics like this? So many stories (like, mmmm...all of them? Ok, 99%) in the romance comics deal with the girls not feeling adequate enough for their man.

    aka apocolyte

  2. With a simpering mug like that, no wonder she's no. 2! -- Mykal

  3. Mission accomplished; I want to know the answer to the question.


  4. Michael/Apocolyte: I can only answer from my own experience... whenever I read a fashion magazine (Nylon in particular) I always get a tad depressed. So, I am sure there must have been a few girls out there that felt a bit insecure after reading some of the stories... at least from the fashions and the beauty of many of the characters.

  5. She may be HIS first choice, but I don't think the red head there is going to cut Mr. Sideburns loose for anything.

  6. I know this is a little off topic but I thought you'd get a kick out of these shoes..


  7. I believe it is the mustache that is keeping her around, Spectergirl!

    Thanks for the link, Joanna. I like the concept of the shoes (one shoe/person kissing the other), but as you may learn if I ever get around to doing a post on it, I am no fan of Lichtenstein! They are executed very well though!

  8. Isn't this a redrawn reprint? John Romita art ten years after he returned to and went exclusive at Marvel? (Yeah, about this could be wrong.)

  9. 'Tis, Seditionist! Though I am not sure in which book the original appeared. Many of the stories in later Young Romance and Young Love books are reprints, many with redrawn updates. Good eye!!!


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